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Hello-hello all of you over there on the other side of the screen. I am eager to share this exciting moment with you. Do enjoy the fresh pics of post op Mia fever and my new pussy. This is so incredible to realize that I have this love hole now. There were days when I nailed and now I have the chance to know what it feels to get nailed. Watch me and my new pussy and tell me what you think of post op Mia Fever!

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I would like to have some of your attention here please. Sit tight and watch the devilish hot photoset of Mia Fever and TS Carla getting naked for you. We love to feel freedom and excitement of a naked body especially when there is someone we trust that we can rub against. It feels great touching her skin with my cock. Anyway telling you all this I feel horny so start watching the gallery and I’m off to make some more pics for you. Bye bye.






Lord how bad ass I am in my new swimming suit making my ass look significantly better. Check out the fresh pics of me on the beach in this incredible piece of clothing that I found in the shop the other day. Once I tried it on I was stunned to see that it was perfect in all ways. Now if some of you want to see the fabulous melons I’m hiding beneath the swimming suit, you’ll have to behave like a dirty bastard seducing your bad ass Mia Fever with all the naughty sex ideas.

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Yes its true the tranny you love so much can’t spend a day without hitting those balls with a cue but the luck unfortunately is not my best friends so I lose a lot and have to please the winners with my slutty shapes the nature gifted me with. On the other hand Mia Fever likes to have those hard cocked lads paying all their raunchy attention to the sexy curves of my shemale body. It feels good watching them all wanking off on my gorgeous shapes.

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   Ahoy everyone! I am glad to offer some exclusive Mia Fever wallpapers so that you could always have a look at me when minimizing all windows from the desktop. I tried to be sexy and inviting to make you feel relief and joy whenever you see me. Enough chatting already, go ahead now and download the kinky Mia Fever wallpapers. Hope you all enjoy them! I will try to make some more for you one of these days.

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Kitchen is the place which always attracted me with some indescribable passion and dirty desires so I took a camera and thought what the hell, it’s a perfect place to entertain all of you with fresh exclusive Mia Fever pics and my sexy body. I didn’t want to simply pose for you so you might be sure to see some bad ass action with my lovely cock involved.

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  Feel the power my love now my dear boys. Hello to all of you my horny lovers. This time I decided to show that Mia Fever can also be a ruthless mistress beating lust out of you with hard slapping and painful whipping. Obey the powerful TS Mia Fever or fall at her feet begging for mercy otherwise your ass shall not be spared. Become a slave of mine and your righteous mistress Mia Fever will rule like a fuck queen of your dreams. Have all the fun watching my new mistress photoset boys!

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I can’t say I enjoy solitude especially when swimming. Its so lonely in water and I can’t stand loneliness. However I thought making a fresh nude photoset by the pool for you guys is a fucking great idea so here you are, enjoy the wet titties of Mia Fever and worship those fabulous buns I’m shaking for you. Do you best and make me feel wild excitement reading all you comments.

I was glad to tease your horny souls with naughty swimming pool pics!


What makes a great Halloween party? Lustful tranny with a group of horny girlfriends and true TS lovers! That’s the perfect mixture for an incredible and undeniably unforgettable Halloween madness. Watch Mia Fever go wild on a late night in a company of busty tranny girlfriends and Bob Maverick the stud we all fall for. Enjoy the partying and see what a real party should be like. The kinky hegirls are ready to begin the show!

Watch the Halloween gallery now.

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How many of you dreamt of getting dirty with your high school teacher? Now guess what your sexy TGirl Mia Fever has gone back to school to become your personal tutor with wild desire to teach your humble asses some thrilling fuck experience. I am willing to rip off the clothing that’s jamming my boobs tight and land those melons on your face. Those of you who misbehave will taste my horny meat as a punishment for being bad students in Mrs Fever class.

Watch Mia Fever in HQ.

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